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Financial Wellness Assessment

A Financial Wellness Assessment is a series of questions designed to assess an individual's overall financial wellness. With the answers provided, you know if they are capable of meeting their basic needs and managing money both short and long-term.

Our template is complete, yet compact. Your client will take less than 5 minutes to fill it out. It’s ready to be exported as a Web App, but it can be fully customised in our form builder.

Industries for this Template

A wide range of businesses industries can use this kind of form to offer credit accounts to their prospects. This template is useful for all industries, such as:

  • Agriculture Agriculture
  • Computing Computing
  • Education Education
  • Energy Energy
  • Financial Services Financial Services
  • Food Food
  • General Retail General Retail
  • Healthcare Healthcare
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications Telecommunications
  • Transport Transport
Sections of this template

Sections of this template

Our template evaluates key aspects of the relationship of your clients with money. This includes their current financial status, how they manage their expenses, how they feel about it, and more.

The sections are:

  • About the client
  • Credit
  • Debts
  • Emergency fund
  • Savings
  • Spending habits
  • Insurance and retirement
  • Feelings about their situation

Benefits of this Template

A complete financial wellness assessment usually requires many questions, which makes it way too long to complete.

Better user experience

In our template we use conditional logic to make news questions appear depending on the users’ answers. For example, secondary fields about debt will only appear if your clients confirm they are in debt.

This configuration shortens the time to fill out the form and makes your user’s experience seamless, boosting your completion and retention rate.

Easy feedback

If you want to provide feedback or analysis for your users, you can use the Powform In App Messaging feature to send them Email or SMS messages. Also, it’s possible to create Email or SMS Message templates to make this task more efficient, easier and optimized.


You can freely modify this template using our form builder, which uses easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. With the form ready, you can personalise its appearance by inserting your logo, your brand’s colours and a background.

Exceedingly easy, fast and simple to use. Our process is as simple as 2 clicks: import this into your profile and export it as a dedicated Web App for your customers.

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Build your own App

This template is not static and you can customise it in any way you want to. Import it into your profile, and open it in our easy-to-use drag and drop form builder to:

  • Add or remove pages;
  • Edit, add or remove fields;
  • Apply conditional logic;
  • Allow your prospects to upload files;

Add branding according to your brand guidelines; and more; you can learn about our features here.

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